Plastic filters

Стеклопластиковый фильтр

Plastic filters. Purpose: for vertical clarifying single-compartment filters designed for natural water desalinization in water treatment systems of thermal power stations and in-dustrial power engineering enterprises.

Plastic filter is an apparatus consisting of:

  • a cylinder with the inner diameter of 750mm with a side aperture of 50mm in diame-ter for a flanged joint;
  • bumped heads with pole apertures of 50 mm in diameter or 80 mm diameter for a flanged joint with a 16 mm aperture made in the head for pouring;
  • lower and upper dispensers, which are a false bottom fixed between the cylinder and the bumped head by means of a pin-bolt joint (there are 40 caps of FEL type with a 0,2 mm slot and 870 мм2 filtration area on FO-1K-0,95 bodies, 24 caps on ФО-1К-0,75… body in the lower dispenser. There are 50 (for П1…) or 68 apertures (for П2…) in the up-per dispenser);
  • three stands for setting the body on the foundation

The service life of the plastic filter is 20 years.

The material used for plastic filters is environmentally safe, fire-resistant glass-fiber plastic.