Composite spiral belt

composite spiral belt

Purpose: the composite spiral belt (CSB) is designed for operative repairing of work-ing pipelines of various purposes.

The CSB construction, the method of its manufacturing, the method of CSB pipelines repairing are patented.


Pipeline repairing

Композитная спиральная лента

This production won golden medals at the exhibitions “Regions of Russia - 2000”, “Republic Belarus is your partner” 2001.

It is stronger and cheaper than American production of the same kind.

Pipeline repairing: thanks to its original structure and production technique the belt it-self fits close to the pipe in the process of its spinning in the place under repair.

Fastening of the belt to the pipe is carried out by means of the original adhesive composition.

At present the works aimed at determination of the possibility of operative pipeline re-pair underwater are being held.

Repairable pipes diameters, mm: 114, 159, 219, 273, 299, 325, 377, 406, 420, 530, 720, 820, 1020, 1220, 1420.

The width of CSB is 100+2, 300+2, 400+2, 450+2.