Fiberglass swimming pool

Стеклопластиковый бассейн

Fiberglass swimming pools manufactured by JSC Avangard are made of fiberglass re-inforced plastic with covering of the surface with a decorative layer of various colours. They are used as the equipment for sports and recreation centers or for placement in spe-cially equipped premises and in the open air.

Стеклопластиковый бассейн

The swimming pool made of fiberglass reinforced plastic has the following advan-tages: long service life, corrosion resistance. The bath is constructed of fiberglass panels and a floor on metal fastening members. The decorative surface of the swimming pool is easily restored in case of its damage. The client can order additional equipment for the fi-berglass swimming pool and choose its size.

Стеклопластиковый бассейн в детском саду

Fiberglass swimming pools are long-lived and practical in operation articles. The sur-face of a fiberglass swimming pool isn’t subject to any damage during its cleaning with the help of chemical washing agents designed for cleaning usual swimming pools. In case of its placement in the open air it doesn’t fade in the sun, and is resistant to temperature differences.

The installation of the swimming pool is easy and it doesn’t require specially rein-forced foundation.