Protecting coats of radar systems

Защита радиолокационных систем

Protecting coats of radar systems are designed for protection of airport radar systems against weather impact, for providing normal work of protected equipment under adverse weather conditions at temperature from –60С to +50С from rain, snow, sand storms, solar radiation, from wind load with wind speed of up to 50 m/sec and from snow load of up to 100 kg/m2. It is possible to use these coats as s for sporting events, as exhibition halls and storehouses.

Защитные оболочки радиолокационных систем

Protecting coats are a self-bearing one or three layer fiberglass domal construction, consisting of separate panels, connected by a bolted joint. Joints are hermetically sealed by means of fiberglass cloth on the basis of special elastic mastic. Protecting coats can be supplied with doors, windows, gates. The colour of the coat can be chosen by a client.

Стеклопластиковая оболочка РЛС

The structure of the protecting coat, hermiticity of joints and availability of deflectors allow to create a mild microclimate inside of the premise. It is also possible to place workplaces and working people inside of the radome and to set there heating equipment for heating.

Виды оболочек

Protecting coats can be of the following types and sizes:

1. Fiberglass textolite coating of the article РС-11М2/18 weights 7 900 kg

2. Plastic construction РС- 11 М2 weights 3 337 kg

3. Fiberglass panels of the coat – 550 kg

4. Fiberglass textolite net-shaped coating of the article Д-35 - 52 200 kg

5. Set of panels of the article ШАЛАШ-2У (“hut”) weights 12 048 kg

6. Fiberglass textolite umbrella-type coating of the article ШАЛАШ-ЗМ (“hut”) weights 10 008 kg

Radar systems protection - fiberglass coats of radar systems produced by JSC Avan-gard are used in the major airports of Russia, such as Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo.